As part of our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices, Bioregional’s One Planet Living Principles are top of mind in all of our operations. Championing better and more sustainable ways to live, work and do business, Bioregional – the SLT and Singita’s sustainability partner – was founded as a charity and social enterprise, and we have opted for this London-based consultancy to review and advise us on our sustainability journey as we continue to intensify our efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, save water, improve waste management and recycling, have a positive impact on local economies and conserve precious natural resources.

10 guiding principles form the heartbeat of the One Planet Living sustainability framework – and each of the detailed goals was developed together with WWF.

They are:

  • Health and happiness
  • Equity and local economy
  • Culture and community
  • Land and nature
  • Sustainable water
  • Local and sustainable food
  • Travel and transport
  • Materials and products
  • Zero waste
  • Zero-carbon energy

Putting people first, One Planet Living is grounded in the reality of how people live their lives, rather than box-ticking. Its holistic approach ensures that nothing will fall through the cracks, and there’s simply no greenwashing – it’s about true sustainability. Reaching hearts as well as minds, this framework is inspiring people across the world to get involved in sustainable change.

Its principles also resonate profoundly with Singita’s 100-year purpose to preserve and protect large areas of African wilderness for future generations, and are helping to drive Singita's goal to be a completely carbon-neutral operation.