Safeguarding, restoring and maintaining a diverse range of wilderness areas and wildlife, we are committed custodians of the unique ecosystems, habitats and species under our care. The SLT contributes to global impact with local action, with an aim to drive awareness, understanding and collaboration focused on the most pressing conservation issues.

 Our Biodiversity Conservation Projects focus on:

  • Safeguarding the wilderness and wildlife in increasingly vulnerable and diminishing wilderness areas.
  • Maintaining healthy ecosystems as they support these unique and rare wilderness areas and wildlife. 
  • Shaping the future by driving awareness and support for issues of global and local conservation concern.

The SLT supports the ongoing conservation management of the reserves in which we are based – Singita Sabi Sand and Singita Kruger National Park. This includes the wildlife protection efforts of the Anti-Poaching and Canine Units, which safeguard rhino and many other species in these landscapes.