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An enduring commitment to conservation & community

The Singita Lowveld Trust (SLT), Singita’s non-profit conservation partner in South Africa, works tirelessly to ensure the survival of the land, wildlife and communities under its care. Its ongoing commitment is making a lasting impact on the survival of key species, the restoration of ecosystems and orchestrating an interdependent relationship between communities, wildlife and tourism.

Empowers Africa provides cost-effective fundraising for the SLT in the US by acting as their fiscal sponsor. All donations made here will be granted to the SLT.

Empowers Africa uses Stripe to process credit card donations. Stripe has very stringent security rules which may lead to declined credit card transactions. If you are experiencing trouble processing your donation, kindly contact Nadia Derelieva at (917) 328-1611 or via email: nadia@empowersafrica.org

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