Local Partners

Local Partners

Local Partners

Good Work Foundation Justicia Digital Learning Centre (JDLC)

In addition to the SLT’s flagship community partnerships, we support key local partners including the Good Work Foundation (GWF), who provide access to online digital learning hubs in the rural villages, adjacent to Singita Sabi Sand. Through the GWF, students are gaining access to the world of online digital learning, using technology to support basic literacy, mathematics skills & confidence in using technology to foster learning, as well as preparation for the professional work environment post school.

SLT was a primary sponsor for the local GWF Campus - JDLC - outside Newington Gate - between 2018 and 2020, and now partners with this campus as part of a broader collaboration.

GWF’s innovative programmes include:

  • An Open Learning Academy that supports Coding & Robotics, Conservation, Creative Arts, & Citizenship from Grade 4 (aged 10) and up.
  • A Bridging Academy that prepares high school graduates to step into the job market or further education. In addition to IT and communication training, student counsellors provide detailed career guidance.
  • Further accredited training, aligned with local community needs, is available at the GWF campuses. The Career-Training Academies provide vocational skills courses and digital literacy tuition to adult learners. Students choose from Hospitality, Conservation, Information Communication Technology (ICT), or Facilitation.

Previous projects successfully supported by the SLT

Teaching and Technology

Without access to technology, teachers and learners at many rural schools are at a significant disadvantage. In 2015, the SLT committed to bringing the benefits of digital learning to the communities near Singita Sabi Sand. We first partnered with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Mpumalanga Department of Education in a Teaching and Technology project that equipped all 19 primary schools in the Ximhungwe district with satellites, connectivity and numerous laptops, tablets and projectors.

  • More than 300 educators completed educational technology and literacy courses via an e-learning platform and received facilitator-led Microsoft training.
  • In 2018, the teaching and technology initiative was fully integrated into the Mpumalanga Department of Education’s programming.

Xikupe Farm

David Shilabi started his career as an environmental clerk at Singita more than 20 years ago. In 2013, he pursued his own passion for farming with formalised mentorship support provided by the SLT from 2017-2019. David successfully established a small-scale farming operation he became a casual supplier of fresh produce to Singita’s lodge and canteen kitchens, as well as selling to the local community. 


Many school children in South Africa, especially in the rural areas, don’t have the opportunity to play competitive sport and reap the lifelong benefits of participating in a well-organised team activity. The SLT partnered with Dreamfields, to provide 19 local schools with soccer and netball uniforms and equipment, offering workshops for coaches and referees, and organise leagues and stage annual tournaments. 

Key Successes

In 2022, the JDLC reached 331 school-aged learners through the Open Learning Academy and 57 young school leavers through the Bridging Academy.

SSS Susan-s Folder Digital Learning (7)
The Good Work Foundation Grade 4 Online Learning

“The power of access to digital education to transform the lives of young people in rural African communities”

Local Partners and Past Projects

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Donate to the GWF to support innovative digital learning campuses, responsive programmes & demand-led social enterprises, all working together to create an accessible, opportunity-packed world for the next generation of rural South Africans.

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