Holistic Early Childhood Development Support Programme

Holistic Early Childhood Development

Holistic Early Childhood Development Programme

Quality early learning is critical to success in later life. Since 2009, the SLT has been supporting Early Childhood Development (ECD) initiatives in the communities living near our lodges in South Africa.

Although South Africa has a strong ECD curriculum, support for its implementation in classrooms is limited. Educational resources are sparse and infrastructure often severely lacking. Financial support from the government is minimal and complex to access, and parents are required to pay school fees, but are often unable to do so.

The programme, which provides training, workshops, and onsite support to 100 Centre Managers and Practitioners supporting 1700 children, is focused on achieving six objectives:

  • Effective implementation of the national curriculum
  • Sound management practices
  • Access to government funding and services
  • A healthy and safe learning environment
  • Community and caregiver participation
  • A well-resourced ECD centre

The SLT ECD programme aims to move centres through a four-year support cycle after which they will emerge as Good Practice centres. At this point, a new group of schools will be accepted into the programme.

Key Successes

  • The programme supports 80 Centre Managers & Practitioners and just over 1700 children.
  • To date just over 90% of practitioners have received in-depth curriculum training as well as on-site support to ensure transfer of these learnings to their classrooms.
  • All 17 Centre Managers have met the requirements of government registration and 15 of 17 centres are now receiving government funding.
  • Annual resource drives support the equipping of classrooms with educational learning materials, age-appropriate toys, furniture, basic safety equipment, nutrition programme utensils, outdoor play, fantasy play and music equipment. Our resource inventory of over 500 items per school was developed by an ECD specialist, are age-appropriate and durable.
  • Thanks to the support of donors to our Resource Drive, over 90% of classrooms will have been equipped with best-practice educational resources by the end 2022.
  • The SLT employs a full-time highly experienced specialist ECD trainer, who travels between centres to provide ongoing training and support to Centre Managers, Practitioners/teachers and parents.

85% of brain development occurs in the first five years of a child’s life. Our Holistic ECD Support Programme currently supports the physical, cognitive, psychological, and social development of 2000 preschoolers.

Holistic Early Childhood Development Support

How can I support this project?

Become part of this ongoing success story that changes lives by equipping young minds for the future. Donate to support our annual ECD Resource drive, or the training of the next cohort of ECD Centres.

Schools receive a local language library, toys and games, creative arts and fantasy kits, basic furniture and other important indoor and outdoor equipment

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