Hustle Economy

Hustle Economy

Hustle Economy

A partnership with Africa Foundation

The Hustle Economy Programme, spearheaded by Africa Foundation Trust South Africa (AFSA) in collaboration with Singita Lowveld Trust (SLT) and other partners, responds to the challenge of youth unemployment in South Africa.

Small and medium enterprises play a significant role in South Africa's economy, contributing approximately 20% to its GDP and employing around 47% of the workforce. These statistics serve as clear evidence that the nation is filled with enterprising individuals, with millions of South Africans surviving by hustling to make ends meet and provide for their families.

The Hustle Economy Programme, facilitated by community-based coordinators, focuses on empowering emerging micro-entrepreneurs to establish sustainable ventures. The range of entrepreneurial opportunities being explored by these hustle-preneurs is diverse. The most common opportunities are spaza shops, hair-care services, informal restaurants, poultry farming, and clothing and accessory retail.

The Hustle Economy Programme is structured around the following processes:

  • The identification of local “hustle-preneurs” – community members who have demonstrated a commitment to developing their own micro-enterprises.
  • Phase 1: The facilitation of an initial three-month capacity building process aimed at building basic business and financial literacy skills and refining enterprise concepts through a peer review process.
  • Phase 2: The facilitation of a nine-month mentorship process aimed at helping the hustle-preneurs to implement these insights in their businesses and work towards a minimum net income target equal to the South African minimum wage.
  • Phase 3: Graduation from the programme.

Key Successes

Since the programme was initiated in April 2021, a total of 676 hustle-preneurs have been enrolled:

  • 76% of these hustle-preneurs are female;
  • 400 are linked to the iSimangaliso communities and 276 to the Greater Kruger communities;
  • Less than 20% have a post-matric qualification; and
  • They collectively employ 150 staff.

The clear impact that the programme is having is highly inspiring. Supporting the development of local hustle-preneur networks will strengthen the "entrepreneurial ecosystems" in the partner communities and guarantee their sustainable development.

How can I support this project?

SLT programmes are supported by donors, sponsors and guests, allowing the scaling of our reach and impact and developing meaningful long-term community partnerships.

Donate to the African Foundation Hustle Economy Programme and become part of this ongoing success story that changes lives and to support enrolling additional cohorts of hustle-preneurs.

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