Our approach to conservation

Our approach to conservation

The SLT is committed to supporting the maintenance of healthy, well-functioning ecosystems and habitats – while safeguarding the many vulnerable species under our stewardship. Our dedicated teams of local conservation and community development professionals partner with neighbouring communities to support social and economic advancement that allows them to prosper in harmony with the natural environment.

We focus on three key areas: conservation of biodiversity, community partnerships, and One Planet Living Sustainability principles.

#1 Biodiversity conservation Safeguarding wildlife and wilderness areas through effective reserve management. This involves caring for freshwater resources such as rivers, wetlands and groundwater reserves; preventing erosion; controlling invasive alien plants; fire management; and wildlife monitoring and management. Protecting our wildlife through dedicated 24/7 anti-poaching and K9 dog units is a key focus – as is the continual upgrading and evolution of innovative technology for surveillance and early detection. This includes tactical field gear to ensure that field rangers remain well-equipped to stay one step ahead of poachers. The SLT also supports research and monitoring for species of conservation concern, including rhino, lions, leopards and large birds of prey.

#2 Our Community Partnership Programme embraces three main objectives:

  • to support quality education and skills development,
  • the development of small rural enterprises, and improving awareness of conservation and sustainable living

#3 We actively promote Singita’s commitment to the Bioregional One Planet Living Principles of Sustainability – an ethos of Care for the Planet and Care for our People. Our Community Partnerships are central to our commitment to Care for People – and support local, rural informal economies through procurement and inclusion in our supply chains, local enterprise development and promoting cultural and natural heritage through community experiences. The Care for our Planet principle focuses on zero carbon, sustainable water use, waste management, re-use and recycling, ethical food sourcing and sustainable diets – and our long-term commitment to restoring and maintaining the ecological integrity of the areas under our custodianship.